Our Cruise Directors

Our team of Cruise Directors is a group of unique individuals who are all seasoned professionals and have established excellent reputations in the Cruise Industry. Each one has a specific skill set and talent and all are able to work on any class of vessel and with any guest demographic. Listed here is an example  of the Cruise Directors we represent and who are available at this time for public speaking events. Most are booked for the summer of 2014.

Information about other, available long term cruise directors will be sent only to clients who have a contract with us as hiring partners. At this time we have 20 Cruise Directors with resumes, showreels and references. Allison, Abel and Franky are  examples of Cruise Directors all available for full ship contracts.

Our Cruise Directors are available for specialty cruises, to train new cruise directors, do temporary fill ins and work to the highest standard. Please contact us if you are interested in booking any of the below Cruise Directors for Public Speaking or PR events  or need assistance filling a specific date. We will advise you of their availability.