Los Umbides Gaucho Act

Argentine Fever dance group is a new group that has come together to bring Argentina to you in a fun and exciting way. They bring to life the traditional forms of dance and music: with the magic of bole ad or rhythm of the Gauchos; the use of dance and weapons as well as the authentic dress of the Indios; and the sexy style in the dance of the Tango.

Argentine Fever has been performing for over 15 years in various venues and other countries. The performers have worked on cruise ships with Royal Caribbean International for 5 years, as well as working with Cirque du Soleil and have won talent competitions on television. Individually, they have won many awards and honors and have performed hundreds of shows around Argentina as well as being featured in the news on many occasions. These Argentine shows have reached numerous countries including: Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, and all over Europe and South America.