Brenn Swanson

Variety and Circus

Brenn Swanson has an extensive Circus background with 20 years of Circus Arts under her belt. She is a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College Graduate. Besides being an amazing performer, Brenn also created and installed circus programs and shows for many schools and venues.  She has also worked as a Krooz Komic for Royal caribbean International, which was an interactive entertainment experience for guests merging circus and comedy characters throughout the ship, and was the talent and trainer behind "Big Top at Sea" for Norwegian Cruise line. ("Big Top at Sea" was an interactive circus experience for adults and children of all ages, allowing guests to try various circus arts and accumulated into a full circus show experience starring the kids at the end of the cruise.)  Brenn has also been very active in  bringing over 200 different variety performers to China for international festivals throughout China for the last 8 years. Karen and Brenn have known and worked together on various projects for many years and are delighted to collaborate and bring more excitement and events to both land and sea! Together they deliver fun and action packed improvisational, physical and circus-related comedy experiences, and master classes in face painting and improv.