Vicki Davis

Choreographer, Project Manager

Vicki Davis has built a highly successful career in the entertainment industry, fully utilizing her talents as performer, choreographer,  director, writer, teacher, manager and producer. She has had an illustrious career on stages throughout the world, as well as in television and film. With this vast experience and the influence of the incredible artists with whom she has worked, Vicki offers unique and exciting show concepts.

Show styles vary from show to show because each entertainment package is targeted to specific demographics and/or musical styles.  Vicki has successfully managed large and small budget productions in theaters and other venues, both land-based and at sea. Cast sizes have ranged from 5 to 165! From conception and design to project management and implementation, Vicki Davis Productions collaborates with top music arrangers, set, costume and lighting designers, as well as a variety of performing artists and companies.

Vicki completed six successful years with Sun International’s Extravaganzas at Sun City and the Wild Coast, which boast some of the world’s largest theaters containing state of the art lighting, video, sound, rigging and stage automation systems.

Vicki was on the ground floor of Royal Caribbean’s “In-House” Productions. She was instrumental is setting the high standards that are continued there today. Her production shows landed in the Top Ten Best in the Industry. She was awarded Best Choreography at Sea by the Travel and Cruise Industry for the show “Showstoppers”. Not limited to Production Shows, Vicki has created the Parade/Street Spectaculars running on the Promenades of the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis class ships as well as the Dining Room. Most recently she developed the DreamWorks Program seen onboard 6 of their ships.

Vicki has been the choreographer for the Big Apple Circus for a total of 6 seasons working with a variety of directors. She directed and choreographed the BAC when it premiered in Abu Dhabi.  She is the assistant director/choreographer for the currently running “Luminosity”.  Working with the BAC she directed and choreographed the Britney Spears VIP Show – Circus Tour ’09.

Within the Comedy circuit, Vicki managed the “Krooze Komics”, interactive Performers. She organized the auditions, travel, contracts, and oversaw the maintenance of the costumes, scenery and props. Her newest comedy adventure is “Splish Splash”, a comedy dive show at the first Aqua Theater at Sea.

She is also teamed up with the Miss FL USA and Miss FL Teen pageants where she is the assistant director, staging a bevy of beauties working alongside the producer for the LIVE, 10-camera shoot.